5 TIPS for Curly hair

I think that taking care of frizzy hair must be an art. It's a pretty special kind of hair and why not say it, unique. in this article, I will share 5 TIPS for Curly hair.

Curly hair

Sometimes it can turn into a headache if you don't know how to master it, but it's essential to accept it and get the most out of it. That's why I collected these tips for all the Friends gooseberries the blog. To make your life easier and to make your curls look smooth.

  1. Use sulfate-free shampoos: As I said on the blog, sulfates are responsible for removing dirt from the hair. The problem is that they tend to dry their hair, because they are detergents. And in the case of curly hair, this can be detrimental. What to do? Prefer sulfate-free shampoos (or with a low amount of them) that will clean up more gently. If you dare more, the Co-Wash method is for you.
  2. Detangles your hair in the shower: this point is very important. If you untangle your Melo when it is dry, you'll cause frizz and your curlers will lose shape. It is less to do while in the shower and with the conditioner on. It will make it easier for the curl pattern to form and also keep frizz at bay.
  3. Avoid drying your hair with a towel: the towel generates friction. And this will cause frizz, precisely what is not desired in a crepe hair. It is best to dry the hair by strands (without rubbing) with a microfiber towel or a cotton shirt. Even cloth diapers can be your allies for this because they have a great absorption power.
  4. Protect your hair while sleeping: the less friction, your curls will remain in good condition. The idea is to sleep with your hair tied in a loose bun or use a silk pillowcase. This last tip can be complicated to carry out, but not impossible. A large silk handkerchief oeude fulfill the same function. Another idea is to tie the hair in small moƱitos and wrap all the hair in the silk handkerchief.
  5. Your hair should be cut by someone specialized in curls: cutting frizzy hair is not the same as cutting a smooth mane. Obviously, it requires a different technique! It is important to have a haircut according to the texture and pattern of curl that you have, because that way will look much better and have nice fall. Find a stylist who knows how to cut curls. If the cut is done in dry, because better yet, because that way you can have better control over the amount of hair that is being cut.

They are simple tips that can generate a big change in curly hair. You have to lose the fear of hair and experiment because it will get the best results.