Tutorial Simple Treatments That You Can Try At home

Salon! Not just girls, a lot of guys are also often visited her favor of hair care and the rest of the body. Out of the salon has always been a fun moment. Fine hair, gentle face skin, and you will feel beautiful a day.

Tutorial Simple Treatments That You Can Try At home

But, in fact, you don't need always to a salon for the sake of taking care of the body. From nail care till thy hair, we can do it yourself at home. In addition to the cost is cheaper, you can invite your friends to have quality time together by doing this treatment at home. Don't have to bother looking for a guide. Below is some simple tutorial that you can try!

1. Origin have nail clippers and a stingy, nails and as smooth as you can smoothly as a result of the salon

Do this in the home only need 2 things: nail clippers, and nail file. Usually, two of these things has indeed ye have, and even if you don't have it, buy it also not expensive.
For manicure and pedicure services themselves, any modest stride. First, a clear layer of Nail Polish nail polish with acetone or nail polish remover non-acetone, then soak your hands or feet it with warm water about 3-5 minutes. Second, cut nails and smoothed. Then nail file so that it looks neat and more shaped. Fourth and last, apply only when you want to paint the nails, the nails so that you look brighter and more beautiful again.

2. Without having to spend a lot of money for a hair cream bath, you can get the hair is smooth and well maintained recently

Hair treatment hair cream bath and spa-like do matter done 2-3 weeks. But if you are lazy to a salon and have my own cream at home, no need to go outside too! First, make sure you have a cream bath that meets the needs of thy hair. I haven't got, spending time at the supermarket to buy monthly or minimart near the House. Second, wash hair with shampoo until clean, then dry it with a towel until half dry. Then apply the cream to the hair cream bat — if a hair length, side first so the four parts and then apply the cream with an.
After that, you can massage the hair gently for 5 minutes. Massages are also areas of the back neck and shoulders so that missing any sore that.
His steamer how? Relaxed! In lieu of a steamer in the salon, just wear a shower cap or towel that has been soaked with hot water. Let stand for 30 minutes, unless a hair drier included — because dry hair only took 15 minutes "steaming". Finally, wash your hair with a clean slate. Finished! Easy ' right?

3.You can also wrap Activities do yourself. Make thy scrub based on this tutorial to "disqualify" the dirt and scale

Scrubs is useful for removing grime-dirt stuck to the skin. There's a lot of that stuff, we can use a body scrub scrub scrub, or non-scented scrub and can be customized to our needs. There's that smell of traditional medicinal herbs, fruits or milk. No need to a salon, we can buy wraps this into wraps-beauty shops or there are also some that are on sale in supermarkets. If you are painstaking, you can make your own scrub with this tutorial from Hipwell.
How to use it pretty easy. First, cleanse our body before wearing Scrubs. It is useful to maximize the absorption of the skin on the substances found in the wraps. Pat dry your body but don't get too dry because of the better scrubs the skin slightly damp in order to scrub he could feel soft on the skin. Third, apply scrub evenly — to places unreachable by yourself, try asking for help. Let stand for 30-45 minutes to scrub his dry and avoid feels firm. Lastly, wash with a towel and warm water. Shower with hot water can also be a good choice.

4. The origin of the carefully do so, simple ear care can be made easily at home

Candle therapy is done to clean up the grime in the ear. Typically done at a salon, but it's actually simple version you can do at home, really.
First, buy ear candle in beauty shops, there are various types. There is a wax mica, there's also the smell of fragrant therapy. Second, provide paper plates that are adapted to the size of the candle to hold dirt burning candles. Burn the candle at the top and bottom lid to clog the steam for 10 seconds. After the smoke out, place a candle into the hole of the ear. Let the ear candle is burning up before the boundary line, then extinguish it by dipping the candles is part of the volcano into the bowl of water. Do not blow so that the ashes were not fluttering. Lastly, wipe the outside of the ear with a towel that is soft and moist.

5. Goodbye feathers! This brand of caramel can make smooth your feet

You can do waxing at home this way. First of all, enjoy preparing caramel to revoke the feathers and muslin or gauze. How to prepare the caramel: combine 2 cups of granulated sugar, ¼ Cup of lemon water, and ¼ cup of hot water and boil until it becomes caramel. After that, apply the caramel into the bristles will be revoked. Paste bandage/gauze followed a brand of caramel, press-press 3 times to really stick to. Pull the fabric quickly from the opposite direction with the root grows fur. Wash your feet with warm water, pat dry and apply lotion. Don't worry, waxing with caramel doesn't hurt, really.

6. In order to make your stay intact until the end of the month, facial mask with any packaging could be a mainstay

Face masks are now sold in supermarkets. It's a shame if things are easy to do at home this is done at the salon and costs which are quite expensive.

Masks commonly sold usually mask powder and cream. Both are good, but it's better to wear just the powder and mix it with rose water. With this, we can get a fresh sensation in the face with the fragrance of roses. May also apply peeling on your face first, before cleaning it and apply the mask. If you want fast, can also directly use a mask!
Do home treatment does no harm. In addition to the cheaper cost, we don't need to bother to go out of the House. Proud, too, can learn to take care of yourself? 😉