Tips on taking care of the skin of the face and body Toward Sleep

Sun exposure and pollution give negative effects on the skin. If sustained, then the skin can be damaged which causes premature aging. Therefore, it is very important to do skin care.

Tips on taking care of the skin of the face and body Toward Sleep

Use sunblock in the daytime alone isn't enough, he says he wants any skin care at the hours of darkness. within the event ' All Day All Night ' aboard Nivea consultant, Dr. Nanang Masrani describes the importance of care at the hours of darkness.
 "Night skin care is also very important because of the time of night so that water shortages skin requires moisturizing, " explained doctor Graduate Diploma of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine was at the hotel Hermitage, Monday (23/6/2014).

Night, when the body is asleep, also became a time for the skin to regenerate or updates. Once exposed to the environment, the skin will work to replace the cells at night.

Dr. Nanang added, although naturally, the skin can regenerate itself, but with proper care towards the bed, then the skin will regenerate more quickly so that the old skin will be replaced by new, more healthy skin, bright and shining. The following steps in caring for themselves at night, towards the bed.

1. Makeup Remover

If daily of carrying makeup, the primary step is to scrub it with makeup remover. product made of like a toner with the oil mixture will elevate the makeup on the face to scrub. If you think that exploitation facial SOAP was enough to elevate the make-up, you're wrong. Facial soaps are not nearly as good as make-up remover in cleanup make-up totally.

2. Bathe and wash your Face

After on a daily basis of activity, we tend to suggest that you just clean yourself with tub directly cleanse face with SOAP. opt for a restroom SOAP and SOAP for the face with a light-weight and contain moisturizer, that doesn't create the skin therefore dry when showering.

3. bodily fluid face and body

After the tub, pat dry with a towel product of light. To avoid drying out the body by the approach of a towel to review against the skin because it will cause the skin thus dry and broken. Face and body whereas still within the damp, apply a facial bodily fluid to the remainder of the body. fortuitously these days, there's conjointly a bodily fluid product for the body.
It is said by Dr. Nanang, serum better than any lotion or cream because his nutritional content and can absorb much more quickly in the skin.  "Serum body could absorb within two or three minutes directly absorbed perfectly, " says Dr. Nanang.

4. Eye cream

Why is it important to use eye cream? Because the eye does not contain oil. No wonder, the skin of the eye more quickly than other parts of the face furrowed. The content of eye cream is able to prevent wrinkles, brighten eyes black ring and reduce swelling. Apply an eye cream with your finger, press-press section of the eye gently to help the eye cream product is absorbed perfectly.