Strategy & Good Way To Lose Weight Permanently

Solutions weight loss/dieting a lot once we find, but the results remain mortal. The following are strategies and how to lose weight.

Strategy & Good Way To Lose Weight Permanently

With common sense, patience & sports, weight loss isn't impossible. Many kinds of diet and exercise that can be offered by professionals, as well as health clinics, places of fitness and much more. The following are strategies and how to lose weight permanently:

1. don't skip breakfast.

"Eating breakfast this morning will energize you to act in the morning and keep your diet."

2. Bite, not devour.

"Use rule 3 bites of desserts: do 3 small bites & put Your fork."

3. Burn your calories & exercise.

"During the exercise, resting no more than 30 seconds between exercises/sports. It dramatically will burn your calories. "

Aerobic gymnastics is an example of one of the types of sports that are most recommended as it can burn calories gradually and consistently, which can finally lose weight.

In contrast to other sports that are draining in instantly like football or running a short distance, aerobic gymnastics maintains the essential elements of a good physical activity, i.e. sustainability, has a regular rhythm with intensity the form of the movement of the heating, cooling, and Klimas. It makes the intake of oxygen used are not quickly run out and be able to burn calories effectively.

You can also do cardio exercises to shrink your stomach.

4. avoid snacks at late night.

"Finished eating three hours before bedtime. Your metabolism will slow down while you sleep, so you switch from burning fat for fat storage. "

5. Don't forget the dumbbells (barbell).

"Enhance Your sporting power components. Add muscle to your body & also boost your metabolism. "

6. Question your desire.

"Before you eat, ask yourself, ' am I hungry?" Except the desire comes from hunger, food will not satisfy it. "

7. Don't skimp on sleep.

"Get a 6 – 8 hours of sleep a night. Without it, the appetite hormone ghrelin increase, which can lead to weight gain. And schedule at least 2 – 3-minute breaks during the day to practice breathing exercises. This will reduce the stress hormone cortisol. "

8. Make your own lunch.

According to a study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition Dietetics & 2012, dieters who make his own lunch, even once a week to lose weight at least lose 2.5 kg on average.

9. Train your brain.

"Be a person more specific details about the purpose/goals for your weight loss. The brain can detect the difference between where you are now & where you want to be. so when you more specific details, your brain secretes thoughts such as the source of willpower. "

10. start with vegetables.

"Eating in the correct order. First, eat vegetables that naturally have more of them & finally eat fewer calories. "

11. use the method "tried-and-true".

Take Your Cue from the diet in "National Weight Control Registry" ever lose 30 kg (average) and not rise again:

75% weigh, at least once a week.
78% are those who eat breakfast.
62% limit TV viewing to less than 10 hours a week.

12. NO Snack.

"Eat every 3 to 4 hours, so you'll be ready to say no to temptation." But the most important thing is to keep Your portion.

13. Orientation on Your Goals.

"Make it a goal that you can take it. Don't be too low or a little. Real set goals with deadlines; for example, schedule a photo shoot. This will help you stay motivated. "

14. Records.

Make a food journal. The woman who did, the average lost 2.8 kg, according to a study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition Dietetics & 2012.

15. never shop on an empty stomach when hungry.

Always to the store or supermarket with a full stomach (eat first), a written grocery list and cart/caddy (basket weight can trigger a decision to the satisfaction of that instant, studies have shown).