Oily skin, Do 4 This natural treatments

Have oily skin can interfere with the appearance. In addition, to disturbing your comfort, oily facial skin also allows easy acne appears. To avoid skin problems such as acne, you can perform the ritual of natural beauty regularly. The result will look more at the maximum when you consistently do that.
As reported by the website of the Stylecraze, Tuesday (1/8/2017), facial treatment with natural materials have good benefits for skin health and beauty. However, the results will look more maximum if you consistently do skin care. The following five steps of oily skin care you can do every day at home.

Oily skin, Do 4 This natural treatments

1. Wash your face with cold water

Use a special facial cleanser for oily skin. Make sure you choose cleaning products made from natural face to avoid irritation of the chemical compound. To use a rinse of cold water so that the skin is not oily.

2. Salt

Add a little salt in the water to wash the face so that the result is maximum. Salt solutions can lift the layer of oil on your skin.

3. use the toner

Use a toner is one step cleans the face which serves to control the oil on the skin of the face. Wear a facial after clearing toner by using milk cleanser can help shrink the pores thereby reducing oil production.

4. a cucumber Mask

Apply a natural mask made from cucumber juice smoothes way until destroyed, then add honey to it. Apply to entire face evenly, let sit a while, then rinse until clean. This treatment can make you free from oily skin.