Lose Weight In A Week

For maximum weight loss can be done in a natural way and not through the instant way through powerful drugs he said reducing weight and the result is not proven. Here are some tips to lose weight naturally within a week. This requires consistent manner is not an impossible thing to reduce weight in a week. This dietary schedule during the week should before you can.

Lose Weight In A Week

Done On The First Day Of

Today the first you can do i.e. consume fruits of various colors like apples that contain lots of fiber but has low in calories. Papaya fruit contains natural enzymes that can speed up the process of food, tomatoes have a type of fiber that is named oligofructose that can make you feel full longer.

The Second Day, Avoid Vegetables Sauteed Or Fried

The second day so that you can achieve your target weight loss that is consuming the various colors of vegetables, eat only vegetables to make it tastier Favorites you consumed, how to cultivate the vegetables that you can consume to the way raw as salad or boiled and which need to be noticed is to avoid frying or sautéing vegetables would you consume.

The Third Day, Don't Eat Bananas

For the third day, you can combine between vegetables and fruit consumption in various colors for a day. If you still feel not yet satiated, you can eat more than 3 x.
Today there are some fruits that don't need you consume like bananas and potatoes so that the weight loss process immediately achieved.

Eat Bananas And Milk On Day Four

Today's dining menu you may consume bananas and milk, you can make a variety of preparations of bananas and milk, interesting isn't it?

It's time you showed you in the idea process such as banana, cut into pieces and added milk or juice in the can also make milkshake as you please.

Or it could be directly eating only bananas that continue to drink milk. Oh yes remember petrol should never be fried because losing weight in a week should not contain oil at all

The Fifth Day Could Eat Rice

Already feeling the changes in your body? More light for example, hehe. These days you can eat rice as much as 5 tablespoons tomato pieces and a few raw or already boiled. You may consume rice twice a day and try to don't eat rice in the evening Yes.

On The Sixth Day Should Consume Tofu and Tempe

For the sixth day, you can breakfast of vegetable protein and animal protein. Like tofu, tempeh, meat without the skin the whole thing boiled Yes, for lunch you can eat 5 spoons of rice with a side dish of vegetables only. Don't forget drinking water Yes so that you keep fresh

The Seventh Day, Drinking Warm Water

Seventh-day you can eat rice 5 tablespoons plus side dishes of vegetables and fruits are fresh and varied colors according to taste. Oh yes, you can make a fruit juice also to remove toxins from the body. Drinking water is also warm white before and after sleep night so fresh your body and soon you reduce weight effectively