How To Take Care Of Hair In Order To Be Strong, Gentle & Sparkles

Of course, people are going to want to have a healthy, beautiful hair and shiny. Therefore, this is where the importance of every person to know how to take care of the hair, especially for women.

How To Take Care Of Hair In Order To Be Strong, Gentle & Sparkles

Do not be too dependent on the salon, you should also have its own initiative and good habits in order to have a healthy and beautiful hair. In addition, the cost of hair care in the salon is not cheap, not everyone is able to do so.

Don't overdo it to rely on the factory-made products, not all beauty products and hair care products can fit in, besides the benefits derived are not necessarily in accordance with expectations.

Take care of your hair with the salon and products rely on the plant was not the problem (because it is also required), just don't overdo it and don't get too dependent.

Just, here below a full explanation about how to care for hair:

1.Know How Good Shampooing

When choosing a shampoo, then it is very important to choose the appropriate type of hair. Everyone has different hair types, among them there are who have hair that is prone to oily and susceptible to drought.

The selection of the shampoo also must comply with the conditions experienced my the hair at the moment. Note the condition of your hair, whether it was in normal condition, or are experiencing problems, dandruff, loss or branched. Select a shampoo that suits you.

You should also avoid the type of shampoo which contains ingredients that are hard. Types of hard materials, e.g., i.e., sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate.

In the wash, do not use the water tends to be hot because it will remove the natural oils of the hair that its existence is useful, do not also use the water tends to be cold because its effects can result in hair are at risk of experiencing opaque.

After shampooing, condition hair that is wet it turns at high risk can be broken, so don't be in a hurry to comb the hair when hair is still wet (after shampoo). comb the hair when it is wet in the hair's been reduced, or the hair is already somewhat dried up.

Remember, do not jump after the bath combing hair, but wait a moment so wet in hair reduction. In addition, avoid the habit of brushing my hair with a towel after a shower.

2. Limit the use of hair accessories

It is very important for the health of hair, so you don't overdo it in wear hair accessories. Contonya, don't get used for braiding or tying the hair, You may only do so only occasionally. In braiding or tying the hair also don't be too fast because at high risk can damage the hair.

In addition, limit the use of hair products that contain harsh chemicals in them, and do not overuse special tools a Hairdresser that emit heat (from the tool), because it may damage the hair.

Hairgrip indeed essential items for the womenfolk, but often not very good binding, which can lead to hair health is impaired and the hair is easily broken.

3. cut the end of the Hair

You need to cut the ends of the hair when hair condition already exists a branched, the appearance of hair branching usually because of conditions dry hair. However, cut the hair that is branching should not be arbitrarily exercised.

If done alone in the House may be a bit inconvenient, then you can do it at the salon. It is because in a salon usually already contained the complete tools to do this properly.

It is feared that when cutting hair at home, which is used instead of scissors already dulled or first appearance did not match, so it could be bad for the hair.

4 use the herb Aloe Vera & Avocado

Try occasionally to make a natural shampoo. Take advantage of the natural materials in the form of avocado and Aloe Vera. You can use both the material for a hair mask.

How to make a potion, first take the Aloe Vera flesh, then mash together with the avocado.

After the herb was completely destroyed and smooth, then you just slathered the herb into the hair. You only need to apply the herb into the hair as regular shampooing.