How To Fatten The Body Naturally Without Drugs

It turns out that not all girls want to look skinny slim, ladies. There must be also among you who are reading this article, which is precisely want to know how fattening body. Yep! Some women are indeed less comfortable with their posture that skinny. There are even some who want to fatten her skinny body is often so bully material.

Well, if during the time you are more familiar with reading about how to lose weight, then what about those who want to know how to quickly fattening the body? Don't worry ladies, because in this article we will analyze the question of how to fatten the body.

How To Fatten The Body Naturally Without Drugs

1. Fill a need Fat

Don't be too excessive, but you also have to fulfill the needs of fat for the body if you want to fatten the body. With sufficient fat and other nutrient needs as already mentioned above, you would weight much faster growing.

Fat source already exists in many of the foods that you consume every day, such as vegetable oil, coconut,

fish, corn, and much more. But don't forget, keep note of this fat consumption portion, because if the excess is also not good for health.

2. Consumption of Milk

The most effective way to fatten the body without drugs can be consumed with milk. If normally you never drink milk, try starting tomorrow also provide milk in the work table so that it could at any time be drunk while busy in front of the computer.

Not have to be a pure milk, you can also consume petrol, such as yogurt, pudding, and even ice cream. If it does not want to eat his snacks, you could drink it as a beverage closing after lunch.

3. The consumption of Protein Quality

To fatten the body and makes the muscles strong, choice of protein source should be noted. You can eat high-quality protein such as eggs, meat, fish, milk, or seeds.

Need you know, you need as much as 0.8 grams of protein/weight (kg)/hari to form new muscle.

Therefore, if you consume more protein quality, then the process of the formation of muscles will go well.

4. Consumption of Honey

Ladies would already know, there are so many benefits and efficacy of honey. Consume honey are included or needs to be done also if you are in the program of the fattening body. There is a special honey to ye who wish to gain weight the tablets!

Honey weight loss Supplement made from natural herbal concoction. The content in this weight loss Enhancer honey highly trusted to fatten the body naturally without impacting on health disorders.

5. Chew Food until smooth

Eating more often one-way fast fattening body./Copyright Shutterstock
As already discussed on the consumption of juices and smoothies on top, smooth foods that would be more easily absorbed by the body of his nutritional. Well, if not finely contrived like juice, then you are obliged to chew food until smooth.