Have you experienced the following? Hours and hours of styling your hair, but it was not last long hair style, or hair that is often drenched not volume, hair shaft feels dry and rough & break easily — these are signs of damaged hair. Damaged hair can be frustrating because the hair so it is very difficult to be conquered and looks wonderful. However, causes of damaged hair is usually a combination of environmental, and destructive habits, such as the use of hot hair styling tools, hair care regime and less precise. That is, there is a way to be able to twist the conditions and help care for hair breakage due to customs. Find out our professional tips on how to care for damaged hair appropriately.


1. To protect your hair from various elements of Wrecking the hair

Condition damaged hair is typically influenced by a variety of destructive elements, for example, Sun exposure, weather conditions, wind, and rain can also cause dry hair. If left constantly, would reduce the strength of the hair and makes it dry & fragile. Give your hair extra protection by using the conditioner, at least once a week, preferably containing intensive nutrition.

2. Protect Hair from heat Styling tools.

Hairdryer, curling iron, flat iron — it's like all these styling tools mandatory owned every woman, isn't it? But do you know if the tools it can reach temperatures up to 230 ° C? Imagine the heat that must be faced by our hair every day. So, don't be surprised if these tools often cause hair looks dry and damaged. That's when it takes the protection of hair like a heat protection spray: use on wet hair prior to wearing a hair dryer, and did again on dry hair before it's styled using hair styling tools. This spray will create a barrier that will protect the hair from the hazards of heat, as well as making the hair look smooth and shiny.

3. Comb Hair gently

Do you know if the hair is at the weakest when wet conditions? Even though you feel is the most appropriate time to comb, yet too with passion when combing wet hair can thus cause damage to the cuticle of the hair, which can cause the ends of the hair branching and broken. To help protect your hair, similar hair using your fingers while shampooing use conditioner. The conditioner will coat the strands of hair and acts as a lubricant, make hair tangled becomes easier for combing.
In selecting the comb with the hairbrush, select the brush made of plastic and is rare, or toothed comb forks with a wide-toothed and plastic material, which will provide more area for the hair strands not too tangled and more easily parsed — and comb the hair gently and do by dividing the hair into sections.

4. Care for colored hair

Hair coloring may be one way that you do in order to try a new hairstyle or hairstyles that reflect the different — but the hair coloring process with chemicals can cause dry and damaged hair, thus making it more difficult to maintain the luster and volume. To help replenish nutrients and hair softness, while keeping the sheen of the hair color, you need to do more toward hair care hair that is colored. One way is by using a series of hair care products specially designed for colored hair, or the protein it needs hair dye, in order to help nourish hair and keep it healthy and shiny look.

5. set the frequency of Shampooing 

There is nothing to rival the flavor fresh from the new hair shampooed shampooing too frequently, but in the near future can deplete hair of strands of humidity, make it dry and brittle. Try to set the frequency of shampooing hair, one of them by using alternative dry shampoo in those days haven't been shampooing – dry shampoo will help absorb oil and eliminate odors so that the hair looks and feels fresh as new shampooing. And when you wash it, we recommend that you select a shampoo that can cleanse the hair of damming at once.
If you are still wondering the reason hair dry and damaged, the answer may be a hair care routine. Remember these simple tips so that you know how to take care of damaged hair and be prepared to welcome the hair that looks healthy and stronger!