5 Healthy Ways To Gain Weight

Fat has a bad reputation, since the cause of excess weight and obesity. However, not all fat is evil. In fact, store fat as a reserve energy (or calories) is one of the many ways the body in order to function optimally.

5 Healthy Ways To Gain Weight

Energy stored in fat helps you do your job or sports weight.
Good fats also play a key role in brain development, prevent inflammation and blood clotting.
Be thankful people that her body has good fats insufficient levels. But, not all as fortunate as it is. There are many people who lack the fat. These people tend to be thin-bodied with a body mass index below normal.

How do you know if your weight or body mass index you are actually below normal?
Use this calculator to calculate Your body mass index in health sites on the internet. Or, ask for the help of a doctor to determine if the height, weight, what you eat and Your activity level is in compliance.

Causes of low weight less than normal size standard of health can be caused by various reasons. Previously it is important to note that not everyone is young, skinny, suffered from health problems that should be addressed.
The following are some possible causes of a person's low body according to the barber Health Family Doctor site maintained by

The American Academy Of Family Physicians:


If you are traveling on a Genetic ' thin ' since HIGH SCHOOL and an average family also, chances are you were born with a higher metabolism than most people. Naturally, you may also have an appetite less than others.

High physical activity 

Exercise and physical activity can affect your weight. If you frequently move means you burn more calories than those who sit. That is, the higher your metabolism and your body tend to be more slender.


Pain can affect appetite and the ability of your body to manage the food. If you've just lost a lot of weight without diet or exercise, it may be a sign of the existence of diseases as thyroid problems, diabetes, digestive disease or even cancer. Be sure to talk with your doctor about your weight loss and sudden.


Certain drugs can cause nausea and vomiting. Some type of treatment, such as chemotherapy can also decrease appetite.

Psychological problems

The problem of psychological factors such as stress and depression can interfere with healthy eating habits. The taste is not in self papaya can also lead to eating disorders. If you suffer from emotional problems that undermine healthy eating habits, consult with your doctor.

Gain Weight

Just gained weight, it is not difficult. Eat a lot of fried potatoes plus a sweet drink every day, guaranteed your weight will increase within a short time.
But, our goal is not simply to become fatter. Our goal is to reach your ideal weight in a healthy way such as:

  1. Add healthy calories without having to change your diet radically, you can increase your calorie intake by adding extra nuts, full cream milk, avocado, whole wheat or eggs into your daily menu.
  2. Select a nutrient dense diet instead of eating junk food, focus food that is rich in nutrients like low-fat beef, skinless chicken meat, and cheese. Select the source of glycemic low carbs like brown rice and whole grains.
  3. Snacking it's good You snacking in between breakfast and lunch between lunch with dinner. Choose snacks that contain a lot of protein and healthy carbs such as protein bars, boiled peanuts or sipping homemade milkshakes.
  4. Eat in small portions if you are struggling cope with emotional issues, packed in regular portions or a large portion of it may be difficult to do. Consider eating in small portions but more often to increase Your caloric intake.
  5. Weight training. Aerobic exercise can help burn calories to lose weight. In contrast, weight training and yoga can help raise the weight by way of building up your muscles. The result, your body so it appears more toned and contains.

Before starting the program raise the weight, be sure to consult first with your doctor. The skinny body may mean there are health problems that cannot be corrected by dietary changes. The doctor helps you track the progress of the program's "be fatter ".